British Lichens  
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Parasites and other non-lichenised fungi

These are often recorded and studied by lichenologists since they are frequently found when looking for lichens.


Homostegia piggotii

Homostegia piggotii.
on Parmelia saxatilis.

Skyttea pyrenulae

Skyttea pyrenulae.
on Pyrenula occidentalis.

Nectriopsis lecanodes

Nectriopsis lecanodes.
on Ricasolia virens.

Arthrorhaphis aeruginosa

Arthrorhaphis aeruginosa.
on Cladonia.

Biatoropsis usnearum

Biatoropsis usnearum.
on Usnea subfloridana.

Marchandiomyces corallinus

Marchandiomyces corallinus.
on Parmelia sulcata.

Myxophora leptogiophila

Myxophora leptogiophila.
on Collema flaccidum.

Roselliniella sp

Roselliniella sp.
on Pertusaria pertusa.

Carbonea vitellinaria

Carbonea vitellinaria.
On Candelariella vitellina.

Kiliasia episema

Kiliasia episema.
Commensalistic on
Aspicilia calcarea.

Nectriopsis physciicola

Nectriopsis physciicola.
On Physcia aipolia.

Skyttea nitschkei

Skyttea nitschkei.
On Thelotrema lepadinum.

Abrothallus bertianus

Abrothallus bertianus
On Melanelixia glabratula

Arthonia fuscopurpurea

Arthonia fuscopurpurea
On Peltigera hymenina

Kalchbrenneriella cyanescens

Kalchbrenneriella cyanescens.
An infertile ascomycete
On Usnea flammea

Sclerococcum sphaerale

Sclerococcum sphaerale.
On Lepra corallina

Marchandiomyces aurantiacus

Marchandiomyces aurantiacus
on Physcia tenella

Other non-lichenised fungi

Actidium hysterioides

Actidium hysterioides
on dead pine.

Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa

Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa
on hazel.

Stenocybe nitida

Stenocybe nitida
in moss on oak.

Agyrium rufum

Agyrium rufum
on wood.