You are welcome to download images to your computer for your own personal use without permission.

Genuine 'not for profit' organisations/individuals (schools, charities, students) may use images for no charge on condition that you credit the photographer and let me know by email (see below), simply because it would be nice to know we have been of some help.

If you are a profit making organisation/individual and you want to use an image(s). You may do so for your standard fee on condition that you credit the photographer and, again, let me know by email so I know who to send the fee to.

You may not copy images for use on another website or to include in online presentations etc. without permission.

Web media sites (e.g. Utube) may have their own rules which you will need to comply with as well. Recently I found a UTube video which used several of my photos without permission which is against UTube's rules (and is bad manners).

It is nice when people find this website useful and ask to use pictures for various good reasons, such as promoting lichens, and I am always pleased to help.

Mike Sutcliffe is no longer able to receive emails. This website has been adopted by the British Lichen Society.

Web Archiving

This website is periodically archived by the British Library. I have signed the following statement to allow this archive process to happen:-

"I the undersigned grant the British Library a licence to make any reproductions or communications of this web site as are reasonably necessary to preserve it over time and to make it available to the public:
I confirm that I am authorised to grant this licence on behalf of all the owners of copyright in the website; I further warrant that nothing contained in this website infringes the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party."

The important thing is that, by contributing material, all existing and new contributors to this website agree to their material being archived by the British Library.
I am sure you will agree that it is rather nice that our pictures will be preserved forever in this way.