It can sometimes take a long time to identify lichens by yourself so it is really helpful when an expert shows you an unfamiliar lichen in the field and tells you what it is. Then all I have to do is take its picture, note it down, catalogue it and process it for the website - still time-consuming but so much easier!

I am very grateful to the following people for helping me in this way.

  • Brian Coppins
  • Sandy Coppins
  • Neil Sanderson
  • Peter Lambley
  • Doug McCutcheon
  • Chris Ellis
  • Tony Fletcher
  • John Douglass
  • Andy Acton
  • Ivan Pedley
  • Steve Price
  • Pat Wolseley
  • Janet Simkin
  • Maxine Putnam
  • Vince Giavarini
  • Les and Sue Knight

  • Also many thanks for people who have sent in photos:-

    Brian Coppins
    Doug McCutcheon
    Neil Sanderson
    Ray Woods
    David Genney
    Mike Simms
    Simon Davey
    Pamela Jackson
    Nick Hodgetts
    Jim Deacon
    Barbara Ballinger
    Paul Whelan
    Jeremy Gray
    Peter Doe
    Nick Cutler
    David Clarke
    Sarah Lovett
    F G Jones
    Jane Bowman
    John Douglass
    Theresa Greenaway
    John Norton
    Kery Dalby
    Andy Cross
    Sarah Lovett
    Viv Lisewski
    Katie Grundy
    Jeff Blincow
    Steve Price
    Ralph Common
    Alan Fryday
    Mike Smith
    Ishpi Blatchley
    John Garrett
    Charles David
    Jenny Seawright
    Peter Lambley
    Maxine Putnam
    Bryan Edwards
    Stewart Taylor
    Bill Burns
    Debbie Allan
    Heleen Plaisier
    Alan Hale
    Ndurie Abah